Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drenched - Part 2

There she stood again, at her favourite spot on one of the most beautiful beaches of the country. On her four sides, stood the four things that she loved the most: the sea, the rocks, the tall, wonderful coconut trees and ... HIM. Yes, he was there, beside her, admiring her beauty.
Two years ago, on a beautiful Saturday evening, she had met him for the first time. She was busy making a lovely hut from the wet sand at the beach just when a huge wave came from nowhere and threatened to take away her favourite old pair of sandals. He was stealthily watching her amateur sand creation when his eyes saw the wave take away her sandals. Purely out of instinct, he dived into the sea with a mission not meant to fail. She was startled at the THUD sound and turned back, unaware of what was goign to happen next. Fighting the waves, he finally succeeded and managed to grab her sandals and waved them at her. She was speechless and looked down as if searching for his feet and then HE noticed it. His chappals were gone! The expression on her face was a mixture of "Thanks" and "Sorry" but she couldn't find words to say it.
Not worrying about his lost chappals, he came out of the sea and came and stood in front of her. There they were, staring into each other's eyes, with the house right in between them, as if it was destined to be their own. They didn't speak a word for an hour, they didn't have to, as their eyes were doing most of the talking.
Sometimes in life, one wishes to say so many things but alas, doesn’t find the right words. In those moments, silence speaks a lot – more than any literature can comprehend. Heart’s emotions are too many and words are too few. These are the vibes which keep life running, new, vibrant and interesting.
She never saw him after that day, but used to go there every saturday evening and wait at the same spot, which had by now become her favourite spot. Days, months, years passed by but the routine continued.
And then, one fine day, her prayers were answered, when he appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of her at the very same spot. She didn't have the courage to ask him where he was all this while, but the lost connection between the eyes was restored and that made her forget everything. They had spoken for the first time today. The sun was setting and it had started drizzling a bit. He told her to go home but she was in no mood to. Everyone else on the beach had gone back home and there they stood, just both of them, hand in hand, eyes locked. It was as if the things started where it was left five years ago. The sun had bid good bye for the day and it was starting to get dark. And then it started to rain all of a sudden. But still they didn't feel like going anywhere. It surely was the best day of her life, of their life. There were even ready to breathe their last at that very place. Her chunni had become completely wet by now and so was his shirt. But neither of them cared, for it had never felt better before. She was feeling a little cold now and she knew there was one only 1 thing out there to keep her warm. She didn't have to wait long for him to do it, he pulled her close to himself, close to his heart, and there she stood in his arms... drenched.....